Catsy (amezuki) wrote,

Road Trip!

Some of you know, and some of you don't--Jess and I are going on a road trip. I haven't had a vacation since I started working at my current job over three years ago, and I haven't seen my mother in longer. So we're road tripping coast to coast, Bellevue to Charlottesville, for three whole glorious weeks.

Along the way we're going to take in Devil's Tower and Mount Rushmore, and while we're in the D.C. area we will of course be spending a lot of time at the Smithsonian and Air & Space Museum, as well as visiting a lot of areas where I grew up.

Jess and I have done cross country road trips before, both together and separately, but there are a few things that make this one special. The Tadlet is in Florida for the summer, so we're on our own schedule. We both can drive, so we can take turns. And we are bringing along a GPS-enabled laptop, and plan to do our best to keep up with LJ and email at rest stops and hotels.

It will be full of awesomeness and win.

We leave at the crack of dawn tomorrow.
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