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In a timeline not so different from ours...

President Barack Obama: My fellow Americans, it is my distinct pleasure to announce that thanks to increased public funding, researchers have discovered a cure for cancer, which has been approved by the FDA. I call on Congress to fast-track legislation that will approve funds to provide this cure to every American that suffers from this cruel and indiscriminate disease that kills hundreds of thousands of people across the world every day.

Drudge: !! SOCIALISM !! President announces cancer cure, demands taxpayers pay for it

Fox & Friends: President Obama announced a cure for cancer today. Although developed at taxpayer expense, Obama demanded that Congress rush to spend even more taxpayer money to test the cure on American citizens. Can America afford this? Is this yet another step towards socialism? And what do we really know about the safety of this so-called "cure"? To talk about this we welcome our special guests Ann Coulter, Ben Stein, and Dr. Bill Frist.

AP News: President Obama announced a cure for cancer today, and asked that Congress approve legislation that subsidizes it, legislation that Republicans say will increase the already-bloated deficit and lead to socialized medicine. Some also question the safety of the vaccine, and whether it has been tested.

Rush Limbaugh: My friends, this is how fascism starts! The Obama administration claims it has a cure for cancer, and wants our tax dollars to pay for Obama's grand socialist experiment with our lives. The FDA has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Obama cabal, meekly rubber-stamping this dangerous drug. What's next? I'll tell you what, my friends: a vaccine. And I'll guarantee you that vaccine will be mandatory, inflicted on your children whether you want it or not--and all paid for by our tax dollars.

Lou Dobbs: Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for everyone that won't die of cancer. But why is the Obama administration forcing American taxpayers to subsidize the cure for illegal immigrants?

Bill O'Reilly: What is Barack Hussein Obama's plan for helping the thousands of oncologists this will put out of work? Why do you hate doctors and senior citizens, sir?

Michael Steele: No no no, you have to understand it's not that we're opposed to curing cancer, and we don't think President Obama is part of some grand conspiracy to test dangerous drugs on Americans. That's an insane idea, nobody's saying that. But we're still in the middle of the Obama recession, and American taxpayers just can't afford this kind of outlandish spending spree. Instead, why doesn't Obama just make Medicare cover it?

Orly Taitz: I refuse to believe that there really is a cure until the Obama administration produces all of the researchers' notes--in the long form. This is actually a plot to perform tests on senior citizens and children under the guise of "cure" and "vaccination".

Michelle Malkin: Barack Obama says he wants to cure cancer, but if you look closely at the legislation he's asking Congress to pass, it establishes death panels to decide who lives and who dies. Do you want the government making deceisions about whether or not to kill your grandmother? If you have a relative in the hospital for cancer, you should encourage them to check out and live at home so that the Obama administration doesn't get to kill grandma.

Michael Steele: I apologize if some of you thought I was saying that Rush Limbaugh was insane. That's not at all what I meant.
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