Catsy (amezuki) wrote,

Um, yeah. About that house?


We're moving in October.


I am getting an inheritance from my grandfather that I was not expecting, and that got me thinking of the productive uses to which it could be put. One train of thought led to a house. So I flipped over to Craigslist, not really expecting to find anything, more to get an idea of what was out there and what price range we were looking at.


As can be expected, I actually did find something that looked good. The house wasn't perfect, but the price was hard to beat: $1350 a month, last month's rent not required, in a very nice area of Crossroads. I called and emailed the landlord to ask her some questions about the house.


Within two days we had signed papers and put down a deposit. This sounds easy, but it was actually full of drama and suck, mostly surrounding some agonizing Jess and I had to do about the Tadlet's school. The house is less than ten minutes away, and he could stay in his current school this year--but next year he would most likely have to transfer to his neighborhood school. In addition, the landlord was also showing the house to several other people, and we had to make a decision Right Fucking Now if we wanted to lock it down for us. Moreover, the inheritance isn't coming as soon as I thought it was--probably not til the middle of October--and so I had to figure out how to make this happen on the money we have on hand. It's doable, but we're going to be really tight for about a month, or until the estate clears.


But the drama part is done. The house is ours, and all we need to do to close the deal is give the landlord another $550 when I get paid on the 28th, and sign the rest of the papers. I've already spoken with my current landlord, and since we're on a month to month lease all I have to do is give them notice by October 10th. Too late to do it this month, and moving at the last minute like that would suck anyway. This means we'll be paying double rent in October, but what we get for that is the ability to do a nice leisurely move over the course of the next month. We'll still need to hire movers for the big stuff, and that's currently scheduled for Monday the 15th, but all the little stuff we can casually move ourselves by car starting on the 1st.


Now, the part that is made of awesomeness and win. The house is a 3 bedroom 1 bath rambler with a two-car carport, big driveway, a living room half the size of our apartment, and a separate dining room that is likely to end up as an office/computer room. The back yard, while small, is bordered on the rear with blackberries, and wraps around the fenced side of the house to enclose a small courtyard, which opens up on the office and living room with sliding glass doors. Another sliding glass door exits out to the back yard from the kitchen. It has stackable size washer and dryer, and a storage shed attached to the carport.


It's not perfect. Having only one bathroom will require us to learn new bathroom sharing habits. The dishwasher is… well, actually there isn't one. The stove is vintage 1970's, with pushbutton settings and all. Fortunately, the landlord's husband is a general contractor and we've been given a more or less free hand to make improvements as long as we run them by her first. The first thing we'll be doing is replacing the stove, which would be ours to keep if we move out.


Oh yeah, said landlord? Rocks. Little Chinese lady with a heavy accent, who bent over backwards to help us make this happen, including letting us spread the first month's rent over this month, and give her the security deposit in payments in October. She didn't even run a credit check, instead relying on her gut feeling when talking to me and showing us the house.


We're likely to be painfully short on money from now through early November, but once we're settled and stable expect a housewarming party.

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