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What an AWESOME start to my day.

And I'm not sure if I mean that sarcastically or not. Perhaps a little of both.

I have a thing about people parking big vehicles in compact spaces. It bugs the crap out of me. Even when someone has managed to maneuver one of the smaller SUVs into a compact parking spot without obstructing the cars to either side, it still grates on me--the parking lot at our work is oversold, and I've lost count of the times that I've had to hunt around for a spot because some jackass in a truck has camped out in a way that renders one or more spots unusable. Call it a pet peeve of mine.

I notify a parking attendant of the really egregious offenders, and occasionally I've left notes on people's windshields to this effect--they're not always nice. I've considered ordering some of those "you park like an asshole" stickers, but they strike me as the sort of thing you'd have to be very careful about using (and which I'd never use at work)--I have no /moral/ qualms about stickering a vehicle that's parked so improperly that it's posing a hazard or making a spot unusable, but it's not something I care to get in a fight or lose my job over.

So this morning I'm pulling in to the spot I usually use if I get there early enough, and as I do, pulling in right beside me is an SUV I've seen use the compact spots before. Not one of the giant ones, but big enough that it has no business being in these spots.

She's in the spot immediately to my left. I can't /not/ say anything. My window is already down, so I call over to her: "That's not anywhere close to a compact vehicle, you know."

She just kind of stares at me, so I go about the business of shutting off my vehicle and gathering up my stuff. And as I'm getting out of my car, she confronts me with the "do you have something to say to me" speech. I'm very proud of myself: I did not raise my voice, I did not insult her or swear at her, I called her ma'am frequently, and I laid out the simple fact: this is a compact spot, and she has improperly parked her vehicle in it.

What ensues is an epic display of not getting the point.

It is difficult to really convey the sense of entitlement that came across from this woman if you can't hear her snotty, exasperated tone and see her body language. I won't lay out the entire conversation that followed, but some choice quotes:

Her (haughty): "Well, first of all, this is a /crossover/ vehicle."

Me: "Crossover is not compact. Your vehicle is parked improperly and it's rude to others who park here."


Me: "I am not being rude. I have not raised my voice or insulted you. I'm simply saying that your vehicle is parked improperly and it's inconsiderate."

Her: "Yes, but you were very... confrontational when you approached me."

Me: "Yes. That's because I was confronting you about the fact that you parked your SUV in a compact spot."


Her (testy): "You have plenty of room to get out. Would you like me to pull my vehicle forward a bit? Would that satisfy you?"

Me: "No, because that's not the point. Your vehicle is parked in a spot where it does not belong."


Her: "You're using a double standard. Why don't you go around and put a little note on every vehicle that's parked like this."

Me: "That's not my job. I said something today because we pulled in at the same time. And it's not a double standard--my car is parked in an appropriate spot."


Her (as I turn to leave): "You know, I am just /ashamed/ that we work at the same place."

I didn't answer that parting shot of hers: it was a clear sign that she'd lost and she knew it. She stormed back to her vehicle, and as I was walking to the elevator I noticed her starting her engine and moving to another spot.

Catsy: 1 - Inconsiderate SUV Jackass: 0
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