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amezuki's Journal

Long-haired 30-something geek, eclectic to a fault. The blood of invaders marches through my veins, but it lost the plot somewhere along the way. I keep a home with bayushi and our boy, referred to online as the Tadlet.

I have about ten thousand hobbies and enough waking hours for approximately three of them at a time. This results in a somewhat short, cyclic attention span for said hobbies, though I'd be rather pleased if I could suss out just what frequency that cycle operates on. Thus far it seems a tad random. That includes my LJ-updating habits.

I currently wake up at an ungodly and unnatural cow-milking hour to work at a job that I nevertheless rather like quite a bit. It puts food on my family and provides for neat gadgets and too many Legos.

While I don't necessarily put a lot of stock in astrology, I'm practically a quintessential Pisces.